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Doctor's Without Borders/Médecins sans frontières

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"We offer assistance to people based on need. It doesn’t matter which country they are from, which religion they belong to, or what their political affiliations are. We give priority to those in the most serious and immediate danger."  This issue, in keeping with the theme "light the way', we're shining the spotlight on an international organization  dedicated to providing medical care to people in crisis. 



A Complicated Kindness
by Miriam Toews

"A Complicated Kindness is a story that isn’t defined by one theme or the other. Rather, this novel is raw and vulnerable and proves Toews’ master of her craft. It rips up the boundaries of familial love and stitches it back together again and again and again. It highlights the suffocation of rural Canadian towns and in all of the pain and internal grief that exist alongside familial isolation, Towes writes a complicated sort of love that exists within it all."

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"All know the way. Few actually walk it.

—  Bodhidharma

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KBI Inspire Magazine is a bi-monthly digital publication that aims to inspire, inform, and empower young people.

KBI Inspire Magazine was created initially as part of the Kaitlyn Bates Initiative, a Canadian non-profit organization that believes in empowering young people with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to reach their full potential. Every two months, KBI Inspire Magazine publishes new feature stories, hot topics, art spotlights, events, book reviews, and more to keep you inspired. Published bi-monthly by A Modern Portrait Media.

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