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Farabi Khaleque

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"From a young age, Farabi Khaleque always had an entrepreneurial and creative side to him. Now, the 18-year-old has collaborated with numerous brands on social media and owns his own health and wellness brand, CLOUDZILLA. Farabi first had the idea for his brand during the Covid-19 pandemic at just fifteen years old."

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Ninth House

"Bardugo blends together the fantastical with contemporary issues in this novel. Dissecting how real world prejudices, privileges, and traumas find their way in a world much bigger than our own. From darkened history, cover-ups, and a chance at redemption, Ninth House offers a place for those looking in every corner of their world for something bigger, something only they can see."

KBI Inspire is a bi-monthly digital publication that
aims to inform, empower and inspire young people. 

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"There is no right way to be a man. your masculinity is defined by you”

—  Ryan Forsyth

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KBI Inspire Magazine is a bi-monthly digital publication that aims to inspire, inform, and empower young people.

KBI Inspire Magazine was created initially as part of the Kaitlyn Bates Initiative, a Canadian non-profit organization that believes in empowering young people with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to reach their full potential. Every two months, KBI Inspire Magazine publishes new feature stories, hot topics, art spotlights, events, book reviews, and more to keep you inspired. Published bi-monthly by A Modern Portrait Media.

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Covid-19 Resources

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