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Eight Reasons Why University Students Should Be Excited to Go Back to School in the Fall During COVID-19

By Helena Nikitopoulos

Helena Nikitopoulos  is a 19 year old English and Film student from Oakville, Ontario.  She is in her third year of studies at Western University.  She strives to bring hope to other students who are feeling discouraged as a result of the pandemic and the drastic changes that were made to the upcoming school year. Follow her on Instagram, @helenaawrites  

Many students are feeling stressed, confused, and anxious about the uncertainties regarding school starting in the fall following the outbreak of COVID-19. To help them realize that even in the darkest of times, there is hope, I have compiled eight reasons why students should be looking forward to school this fall. 

  1. Despite the change from in-person lectures to virtual lectures, we still get the privilege to learn. Many people in the world can’t say the words, “I go to school to earn a proper education”. In fact, not many people receive half the opportunities we do, so be grateful for everything you have. 

  2. As most of us are encouraged to stay at home, it gives us the opportunity to build stronger bonds with our friends and roommates and may become helpful in the future when we face feelings of worry and anxiety and need someone to support us. 

  3. It is important to make new memories throughout the school year especially during these difficult times. Movie nights, paint nights, performing a dance solo in your kitchen – all of these things can help you make the most of these times. We all have to make these moments count so that when our children ask us how we survived these difficult times, we can say, “I made the most of every day”. 

  4. I am excited to go back home more often and for longer durations during the school year. Instead of visiting my family and friends in my hometown every couple of weeks for two days at a time, I can spend more time at home as majority of my classes are online. This means more laughter, more memories, and more family time while also not falling behind in school work. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

  5. Do you remember all those times where you got distracted by someone’s computer screen or their loud sneezes during your lectures? Well, now you can find your own quiet spot to attend your lectures, whether that be the sofa in your living room or your own bedroom. Instead of having to ask our friends to record our lectures for us when we catch the flu, they will be easily accessible on our school website and hey – maybe you could even watch the lectures from your bed (runny nose and all). 

  6. I am looking forward to going on walks on my own time whenever I want. No more dashing to school, panting with sweat down your forehead, or rushing to the bus stop just as the bus makes an abrupt stop in front of you. Instead, we can all roll out of our beds and attend our lectures while having ample time to go for walks on our own time. We could probably even go on walks WHILE attending our lectures. 

  7. The stress of needing to find the best outfit to wear to lecture combined with needing our hair to look just right is no longer needed. With the option of not having to show our appearance on zoom calls, it pretty much saves all of our fashion problems. Instead of fussing over our appearance, we can just throw on a pair of sweatpants and leave our hair the way it is. To comb or not to comb my hair? That is the question… 

  8. Just as we will build stronger ties with our friends or roommates, we will also have the opportunity to grow closer to our professors. As we will have more free time to ask them for help while also relating to their feelings of stress, professors may become the new means of support for students during this extremely un-normal time.

“Let us not stress what we can’t change, but strive to seek the beauty in this challenging situation.”