Magic is Everywhere

An Artist's perspective

By Christine Benson

Christine is a relief printmaker, OCAD graduate and the owner of Journey Through the Arts (JTTA), a multi-faceted arts facility whose studio is a restored 1840's log cabin in Port Hope. JTTA offers art workshops for all ages including toddlers, children and adults. Christine is currently writing and illustrating her first Children's book entitled "Magic is Everywhere".

I have been working on a painting that has nothing to do with COVID 19. I have been puttering away, brushstroke by brushstroke, long before this pandemic started. But I had a chance to be in the studio this afternoon and loose myself in its colours. I dabbed and swept colour together and let them blend and touch and rest next to each other.


It suddenly occurred to me that this painting had an important lesson for me in these times. That in its abstract arrangement of colours, it had become a reminder of all the tiny moments of joy and hope that exist in this world. That even in our darkest times the shades of blue we all feel now are normal and temporary. That even in our distance from one another we are still together... that little bits of yellow can always be found peeking through the blue.


As I let the paints gently mix with each other on the canvas, it made me realize that our interactions with one another, however brief or seemingly insignificant, allow us to help and support each other. That we know that soon our lives, just like these colourful brushstrokes, will once again come together. Our current situation (like this painting) is far from finished, but I continue forward knowing and trusting that I will one day be able to step back and admire all that I have learned on this journey.