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Brianna Clutterbuck

Multi-Media Artist 

instagram: @fulll.exposure  



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Brianna Clutterbuck is nineteen with a passion for so many things, art being one of them. When one thinks of art, drawing and painting usually comes to mind, although Brianna has a burning love for other forms of art such as photography, sculpture, film, and mixed media. Last fall Brianna moved to Toronto to grow her art career and has found herself more drawn to photography and film. “Toronto is definitely the place to be creative as there's so many people here who have similar visions and passions and the environment allows for growth through the ample opportunities, so as an artist, I’m really enjoying that here.” In the future, she hopes to be able to work full-time creating art and eventually lean more into the film industry working as a creative director.  

Brianna has been involved in art since before she could walk, “both of my parents are artists so I had a space to freely be creative and explore my passion for art. Throughout middle school I did a lot of art at school and spent my past time drawing mostly. I took a long break after grade nine, but after a while began to feel more creative and started to practice again with my art, doing more painting and drawing.”


A short film titled "The Shopkeeper"

“I love art because it allows me to express my feelings and ideas that are harder to  communicate. Often, there's an art form that can properly display the vision I'm trying to portray, but because I enjoy so many different mediums, I sometimes run it through each method before figuring out what its final form should be. For example, I had an idea once and thought I would paint it but it didn’t feel complete, I finally realized it would be better suited as a short film because the vision had too much movement and flow to it to be a still art piece. This is one of the many wonderful things about film and its way to  capture a vision you have and you can see your imagination come to life."

When talking about inspiration, Brianna said, “I would say my parents are my inspiration. Both of them are very creative people. I took after my mom by pursuing art and photography. Both their abilities to create such beautiful work always inspired me, not just the work they created, but the environment they created as well allowed me to explore my passion without pressure, it was just something I was able to naturally grow into.” 

When asked how art has impacted Brianna, she said, “art has allowed me to connect with people like me. I have met so many incredible people through art; people just starting out, people with incredible ideas, people far into their creative career I can learn from, and friends. Most of my friends are very creative people, regardless of the type of art they create I feel inspired by them all when they are working on their own projects or encouraging me on mine. Art can create an amazing community of people. I love that with art you can create whatever your mind can envision with the many different forms of artistic expression there are.”

Currently, Brianna is working on a short film she self-directed and shot, titled “Les Plumes”. Set in the 1950s, it encompasses three women and their time at a train station. “These women don't know or know of each other, yet they are connected through something bigger than themselves. It is filmed at the Port Hope train station as this location is a historical building, it sets the scene perfectly! It is in the editing process currently and I’m very excited to see the finished project.”

A shot from "Les Plumes"

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