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Farabi Khaleque

Digital Creator 

You can find Farabi and his brand on:

Instagram,@farabikhaleque, @wearecloudzilla & @cloudzillasho

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From a young age, Farabi Khaleque always had an entrepreneurial and creative side to him. Now, the 18-year-old has collaborated with numerous brands on social media and owns his own health and wellness brand, CLOUDZILLA. Farabi first had the idea for his brand during the Covid-19 pandemic at just fifteen years old. His motivational posts struck home for countless people struggling to cope with isolation. “I opened up an Instagram account and started posting some motivational posts to give people hope during that awful time. To my surprise, people started engaging with them, and soon, my followers were increasing. It wasn’t long before I realized that if I took the time to perfect it and put in the effort, I could possibly turn this into something bigger.”

So, what does CLOUDZILLA stand for? CLOUDZILLA “advocates for a better and healthier lifestyle, amplifies diverse voices and it’s a community for people to become more accepting of talking about mental health in their daily lives, not just in a therapist’s office.” Farabi’s goal is not only to educate and empower, but to connect people together in their pursuit of their healthiest and happiest selves.


CLOUZILLA has recently expanded with its own shop, Farabi reflects on this change saying, “It’s been great! I was able to create designs that truly reflected CLOUDZILLA and what it stands for. I hosted an open casting call to find potential models to model our apparel and accessories before its launch and to my surprise, it received close to 300 applicants wanting to be part of it. With that, I got to talk to some amazing people who were just as passionate about mental health and wanted to be a part of something that truly promoted it. CLOUDZILLA: THE OFFICIAL SHOP had an amazing first drop in October and I’m excited for what the future has in store for it”.

So, with the rapid success of CLOUDZILLA, what’s next for Farabi and his advocacy? Well, Farabi is currently working on a book for CLOUDZILLA that expands upon mental health with an emphasis on showcasing the steps that leads to a happy, positive life. “If everything goes well, it should be available on Amazon soon. I’m also working on our second merch drop which should come out during the course of next year. As for me, I’ve always enjoyed storytelling whether that’s in writing or in the entertainment field. I have some exciting projects in both those fields in the works.”


Social media, especially with the gradual switch to virtual connections during the pandemic, has changed how advocacy is promoted online. Farabi states that the pandemic only made him strive to focus on his mission with CLOUDZILLA, especially with the emphasis on self-care and wellness trending during lockdown. “social media has given us a platform to open up and share our stories and experiences and this has become increasingly more common. The posts that CLOUDZILLA shares have the possibility of reaching more people than we could imagine and positively helping them because we never know who is struggling and whom it might help. Social media plays a significant role in helping humans communicate and raise awareness for issues like mental health or climate change and that’s exactly what CLOUDZILLA stands for. I hope its impact continues to be positive,” he says.

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