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Emily Andrews

Artist, Musician 

You can find Emily on:


Instagram, Facebook: @ms.emily.andrews

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Emily Andrews is an artist and musician from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Their style of art is focused on surrealism with a variety of media such as oil painting, collage, and installation art pieces. Emily started their art journey when she was a kid. Growing up, she watched her father paint and draw which was a major inspiration in her journey as an artist, leading to her pursuit of painting at the age of thirteen. When Emily started to experiment with art, they would paint anything and everything they could find in the house - furniture, scrap wood, telephones, etc. When she grew older, Emily began branching out to different media and methods of creating.

Emily’s love of art stems from the emotion it invokes. She says, “it has a way of making you feel something even if you don’t know why you’re feeling it. It has the ability to completely draw you in and capture your attention and get you thinking about things that you otherwise might not have thought about.”


A lot of her inspiration comes from history, science, nature, literature, and even their own dreams. As for artistic inspiration, Emily is a massive fan of Rene Magritte. The humour in his work inspires Emily to create her own art pieces with a similar sort of levity.

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This painting is titled, “Fish Ascending a Staircase”. Is it part of their “Strange Happenings and Rare Findings” series. The series explores “bizarre and unexplained scenarios in a mid-century setting and is inspired by images and ads found in magazines from the 1950s-1970s.” The Title is an homage to the painting “Nude Descending a Staircase” by Marcel Duchamp. In Emily's rendition, the three stylish goldfish is their own artistic spin on the classic painting.


Emily’s main passion within art is the “ability to turn ideas into a reality. There is something very satisfying and rewarding in bringing an idea to fruition and being able to share your hard work with other people for them to enjoy.” Art has impacted her by allowing them to share their strange ideas with viewers from a valuable and appreciative perspective. The choice to pursue art gave Emily a close-knit community of artists where they collectively support and inspire each other. She shared that her goal with their art is to “make art that resonates with others and to enjoy the process while creating it. I aim to create art that provides people with an escape from reality.”

So, what’s next for Emily? She is currently in the process of creating new paintings for the “Strange Happenings and Rare Findings” series. Later this year, they plan on starting a new series of collages and debuting them sometime next spring. 

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