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Aspiring Writers:

Don't Self-Reject!


By Dawn Miller

Art Editor, arteditor@kbiinspires.com

Dawn is a local educator, artist and writer. 



"Don’t forget—no one else sees the

world the way you do, so no one else

can tell the stories that you have to tell." 

- Charles de Lint




I want to submit my writing but…

If you’ve ever had this thought, you may be experiencing self-rejection i.e. that niggling voice in your head that says, “This isn’t good enough” or “No one wants to read my work”.

First thing to understand is that this little voice comes from a place of self-doubt and ALL writers experience it at some point. Even writers who have been writing for decades.

So…how to silence this voice? First and foremost, accept that self-doubt is common among writers. Secondly, realize that you have the power to control the voice. Challenge it. Stare it down. Know that the world wants to hear a myriad of voices. The world wants to hear YOUR voice.

If you’re thinking about sharing your writing, be that a poem or short story, Inspire Magazine is a great place to for aspiring writers to start! 

Before you submit, remember the following things. Read them out loud to yourself if you need to. Wrestle that self-doubt to the ground!

  1. Inspire Magazine wants to hear your voice. That means ALL voices. Inspire Magazine is an inclusive and safe place to submit.

  2. If you’re nervous about formatting/spelling/grammar, we’ve got you! We will help make your work shine.

  3. All writers start somewhere. Taking that first leap to submit your piece takes guts! We will handle your work with care. 

  4. You are in control. If you want to use your real name, great! A pseudonym? That’s fine, too. Initials? That works. We will never publish your name without your consent.

  5. If you don’t share your work now…when? You have a story to tell, or a poem to share. 

We want to hear it!