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by Helena Nikitopoulos

IG @wordsbyhelena


Contributing Writer Helena Nikitopoulos is a graduate of Western University, where she studied English and Film. Follow her on Instagram: @wordsbyhelena and @hnfiit.

With the fall season already here, things are amping up and a reminder to find the right work-life balance might be just what the doctor ordered.


Read these effective tips to learn how to make more time for those forest walks and coffee breaks and prioritize YOU. 


  1. Take that lunch break. Rather than sit by your laptop and multitask, step away from your laptop and clear your head to properly prioritize your health and well-being. 

  2. Plan something after work (on the weekend or in the week) to congratulate yourself on your hard work throughout the week. 

  3. Set a timer when you’re studying or working and when it rings go outside and get some fresh air. Walk around, take in the fall colours. Assure yourself that your work will resume when you get back. 

  4. Save the weekends for you. Plan something with your friends or family. Take up a new hobby. Try not to do any work that isn’t necessary on the weekends so that you can really prioritize your well-being and hobbies.  

  5. Separate the place you work from the place you sleep/eat. By combining them, it will be hard to draw a line between working and taking breaks. The same space that you relax now triggers your brain to think it’s time to work. Work in a separate space so that your bed and your room are just that: your private space. You deserve to have a safe space to come home to and relax. 

  6. Talk to someone about your concerns, whether that be a trained professional or a close friend. If you feel you aren’t prioritizing your own personal life and hobbies as much as your work/school life, get a second perspective and see if a healthier balance can be achievable. It’s never a bad time to ask for help.

Balancing work/school and a personal life is tough. But when you have the proper tools and the right tips - you can really master the “balancing act” of your work life. 

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