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by Jane Austen (written in 1799, published in 1818)

Genre: Gothic Fiction, Satire, Romance

Recommended Age:  16+ readers

Rating Scale

Educational value: ​​ 5/5

Positive message: ​2/5

Positive role models: ​2/5

Violence: ​1/5

Sex: 1/5


Drinking, drugs, smoking:​0/5

Consumerism:​ 0/5

"No one would have suspected her to be a heroine”.

Northanger Abbey is a journey to the past full of gothic adventures and ballroom dances. Written over 200 years ago by the esteemed Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey follows the courageous tale of a young woman from the country, off to find her destiny in a peculiar town called Bath. Catherine lives her life with her head stuck in a book, seemingly unaware of the rules and reality to the world around her. Catherine is the least qualified in all walks of life. No one would have suspected her to be a heroine in a great story of romance, and daunting castles. However, they say adventure always comes to those who least expect it.  

This historic coming-of-age novel displays the complexities of a young woman seeking mysteries, and a young man trying to run from them. Through noble balls and rainy countryside walks, Northanger Abbey offers a glimpse into the past of the retired notions of engagements and traditions in the eighteenth century. Catherine finds herself torn between true love, and harsh customs. Mr. Tilney and Catherine embark on a daring adventure to battle obnoxious coachmen, cheating friends, and the never ending imagination of Catherine Morland. 

Jane Austen once again delivered a mind blowing, heart wrenching novel about self discovery, the growing pains of adulthood, and choosing to make your own destiny. Northanger Abbey truly shows how honest and kind hearts will always prevail in the end. From start to finish, the diversity and complexity of the characters will captivate and torture your heartstrings. Northanger Abbey is littered with vulnerability and emotion on every page. If you are looking for a read that ponders the difference between love and fairytales, I definitely recommend Northanger Abbey. 

Image by Gaelle Marcel

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