DIY Katie's Care Kit

You probably have a first aid kit around the house, right? Think of this as your "emotional first aid kit".  Just as you sometimes need disinfectant and a bandage for a cut or a scrape, your emotional wounds need care too.  When you have a bad day,  experience a big disappointment or you're just feeling anxious and stressed - having a self-care kit on hand can really help.  Follow the instructions below to help you put together an awesome emergency self-care kit.  Find a safe place to store it and pull it out when you are in need. 

Need more help?  Sometimes first aid just isn't enough and you may need more help.  Kids Help Phone is a great starting point if you're not sure where to begin. We also have a resources page with a list websites & phone numbers FYI.  

This can be anything from around the house: a shoebox,  a duffle bag, a basket, cardboard box... it just needs to be large enough to fit your stuff and easy for you to store. You can doodle on it, decorate it or not. Totally up to you!

Once you've put you're kit together, find a safe but easily accessible place to store your box.

Pick a time when you're feeling good about yourself.  Now sit down and write yourself a letter or a note (it doesn't have to be hand-written & it doesn't need to be long, unless you want it to be).  Now add a list of all the people who care about you and finally, a list of everything you're grateful for: add those lists to the box. Ever had someone give you a great compliment that really meant a lot?  Write it down & add it to your box!

Add an image(s) that you find comforting, make you feel good or make you smile. Pictures with friends, family or just a random image from the web that you love.  Postcards, mini photos, magazine photos and framed prints all work.  Add your image(s) to the box.

Make it something fridge-free that you really like! Some (kinda) healthy options: dark chocolate, trail mix, nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, granola bars, healthy chips.  A bottle of water is a great idea, too.

Put in a book you love, a movie and/or some feel good music.  Tip:  choose something you've already read, listened too, watched that you find comforting or inspiring.  You want to select items you already know you like.  For suggestions on inspiring media choices check our our book corner, coming soon.  

It's your box, add whatever you think will make you feel good!  Here are a few more suggestions: Art supplies, a journal, scented candle, soft blanket, bath bomb, old stuffy, fuzzy socks, motivational messages, lip balm, tissues, a dream catcher, special stone or object that has meaning for you.  Have a great idea we should add?  Send us a message

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