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Do you find it hard to unsubscribe from streaming services? You aren't alone. FOMO plays a key role. But the costs of streaming can add up. You will likely be financially better off if you change up your packages, or cancel altogether. Here are some suggestions for ditching the digitals.

Keep the Ones You Really Watch

There are so many streaming platforms now that it's hard to keep up, and you might have more than a few you are paying for.  But think about how many you really watch: perhaps you are paying a subscription to watch one or two shows. And some (such as Netflix) services only allow you to stream entertainment licensed for your country. A VPN can help you get around this – for example if you're a premiership soccer fan, you can use VPNs to watch EPL in Canada and other countries outside of the UK. 

Make Some Budget Cuts

The past couple of years have hit most of us hard in the wallet, especially students and young adults. Rising costs of food, energy, and taxes are squeezing our bank accounts more than ever before! It is a good idea to cancel streaming subscriptions you barely watch or really can't afford. It can be hard to let some of them go, and you may miss some content. But after a couple of weeks, you will adjust. And remember that it doesn't need to be permanent, just temporary until you feel confident about your money.

Unsubscribe from Streaming If You Share

With more expensive tiers that remove ads and lower-quality shows, it might be time to unsubscribe from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video! To reduce costs, some people share. About 1 in 3 couples share their accounts. But with the password crackdown by Netflix (after previously encouraging it) and Disney, maybe it's time to cancel on principle. A toxic relationship can also cause money issues, so it might be best to cancel your subs when you're thinking of leaving too!

Take Advantage of Free Trials

You can play a little game with some of the streaming services available. It isn't hard to cancel streaming services despite what popular belief to the contrary. In fact, it's easier than ever because of new laws. This also means you can take advantage of free trials. Almost all streaming channels offer free trials, and you can cancel before the contract begins. There are also some that reset the trial, so if you wait a couple of months, you can start a free trial again completely free!

Use Contract-Free Services

We are all used to contracts these days. We use them for our phones, entertainment, and TV. Examples include cable, Sky, and Virgin Media. But streaming services like Disney Plus don't typically hold you to lengthy contracts, and you can usually cancel when you like. This is excellent when hopping channels for new TV shows. Some people subscribe to one at a time. This is great for watching the latest show and moving on to another channel when you're done.


Keeping the channels you know you will watch will help you decide how to unsubscribe from streaming services. Some are also forcing you to pay extra for sharing an account, so it is best to stick to contract-free streaming channels so you can cancel after watching the latest shows. Making these small changes in and adjustments in your subscriptions can make a significant difference in your budget long term, and potentially in your relationships with family, partner or room-mates as well!

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