Flash Fiction & Poetry 

For this issue we selected a poem which truly embodies our Flash Fiction theme of "courage", 

The Humble Warrior. Here's what our young author has to say about her work:

"When I think about the word courage, I always think about people who are courageous away from the eyes of others, who do amazing things without celebration or even real decision. I had recently written a poem entitled The Joy Of A Mother, and so the image of a single mother struggling to do it all came into my head.  I think it is important to recognize the everyday courage of ordinary people for whom each day can be a battle."


- Gabby Watts   

The Humble Warrior

By Gabby Watts

She doesn’t wake up everyday
Waiting on the trumpet to play
Her alarm drives her feet to the ground
She gets dressed without making a sound
She cooks breakfast while doing her hair
There’s no one to admire her there
She gets all the kids out the door
Nobody to help anymore
She works until her legs start to shake
No one jumps to reward her with cake
Though her back throbs with pain
She can’t celebrate with champagne
The kids will be hungry and pout
She has no one to help her out
So with love she fights through the agony
All for the sake of her family


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