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©2020 by the Kaitlyn Bates Initiative


In light of the COVID-19 crisis, and because there are a lot of young artists stuck at home who can use a distraction right now, we are creating a visual art challenge to inspire you!  The theme is "Hope" and you can interpret the theme any way you wish using a visual medium: photography, painting, multi-media, printmaking, etc.  The selected images will be featured in our April/May issue in a virtual gallery and on the landing page sliding gallery, as well as receiving promotion on our social feeds. Deadline for submissions: Sunday, March 29th 2020.  

To enter, email your image (or a photograph of your work)  with your completed submission/consent form to: arteditor@kbiinspires.com  or editor@kbiinspires.com


  • Anyone can enter, but 50% of the selected images will be reserved for local youth, aged 19 & under. In the event we don't get enough local entries, we will open those spots up to all who submit.

  • All visual art is acceptable, but images must be emailed  in JPEG or JPG format in a good resolution for web viewing. Entries will only be accepted in a digital format, contact us if you have questions. 

  • Limit of 2 entries per person.

  • Go crazy and inspire us with your best work!