Featured in the gallery below, as well as in the slide deck gallery at the top of our landing page, are images from our second "Inspire Challenge":  art & music by young people focused on our theme, "The Face of Courage".  We carefully selected three beautiful and powerful pieces of visual art, and one piece of music. The selected works are both a reflection and a response to the turbulence of the world right now. 


We're proud to present a global gallery, with our featured artists this issue coming from Canada, the United States, England and Qatar.

What's next?  Watch for our next Inspire Challenge, coming soon.  Remember, Inspire is a safe and supportive space to submit your work and we'd love to hear from you!  We can't publish everything, but we'll try to include as much as possible from young artists everywhere. Click here for details on submitting your work. 

Questions? Contact our Art Editor, Dawn Miller, at arteditor@kbiinspires.com 




By Jaylon Ashford, Starkville, Mississippi USA Age 18 Instagram: @artistjaybird Silenced by the list of the innocent murdered by systematic racism. This piece was created using a charcoal pencil, black ink pen, and red color pencils (Prismacolor).

Aslan (from the Chronicles of Narnia)

Aslan (from the Chronicles of Narnia)

By Sophie Tutt, Norfolk, England Age 16 Instagram @art_bysophie This is an A3 pastel drawing. The lion is traditionally a symbol of courage and I wanted to capture this in my drawing of Aslan for my younger cousin Gracie. Aslan is strong, powerful, protective and courageous, and encourages others to be too. 'Courage dear heart' he says to Lucy in 'The Voyage of the Dawntreader'.

Faces of Courage

Faces of Courage

By Alyssa Smith Cobourg, Ontario, Canada Age 16 Instagram: @alyssasmiithart This is a black and white graphite pencil drawing with the face of a girl and a lion, as well as a person taking a leap of faith on a cliff, all mixed together.

"Stay Home" 

By Jensen
Al Khor, Qatar
Age 17

Instagram: @jensen_chuah

This is a piece I composed myself and it is a reference to the dire situation we are in among the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a light and happy sounding lofi music piece aimed to entertain those if us worried at home help while our brave first responders, doctors and nurses help take care of the sick.I hope the intentions of the song resonates with you. Click the media player to listen and download this submission.

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