"Although I love creating and taking photos, I'm mainly pursuing all of this because I get to do what I love with the people I love. It's the experiences and the passion that keeps me going".


Ethan Liang is a young, emerging Canadian photographer of considerable talent. His landscapes and nature images in particular are a rare combination of technical expertise, strong composition and evocative emotions.

Take a look at Ethan's images in our Inspire Gallery, and elswhere in the issue.  If you'd like to know more, visit his website at: ethanliangphotography.com



By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang Facebook: EthanLiangPhotography This image may be my favourite photo I've ever taken. I think no matter how hard or how far we fall, there's always a way to climb back up. I've struggled, we all have and I think this photo represents the fall but shows that there's always a way back up.

Burning Skies

By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang How I came about taking this photo was funny. I was just walking downstairs in my house when I looked outside and saw that the sky was filled with the most amazing colours. I just looked at my mom and said, "Why didn't you tell me that the sunset was this beautiful?" I quickly ran back upstairs to grab my camera. The date was 2020/09/29, the day I saw the best sunset I've ever seen.


By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang Toronto, Ontario by night.

Sunset Window

By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang


By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang


By Ethan Liang Ontario, Canada Instagram: @yuethliang

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