April/May: Keira Lannon

Keira L. knew from the age of six that she wanted to become a fashion designer. She was fascinated by silhouettes and the beauty of fabrics dressed with buttons, ruffles and lace. Growing up in the city of Toronto, she loved observing how people dressed to reflect their unique sense of style. Since then, Keira has been studying fashion history and learning how to sew her own clothes. Her blog "The Silver Fashionista" showcases each of her original creations and the inspiration behind them. 

Last December, Keira started collecting secondhand (gently-used) kids clothing for a school project aimed at helping the community. She'll be teaching her classmates about the environmental impact of fast fashion clothes, and highlighting the fact that 84% of the time those clothes are thrown away. Keira will sell her original pieces of clothing at various craft shows around Northumberland County, Ontario in order to raise funds for an environmental charity.

To learn more about Keira's sewing, visit The Silver Fashionista or follow her on Instagram: @silverfashionista_official

Denim Jacket

A hand-sewn sleeveless shirt pairs well with a thrifted, nautical-inspired jacket for functional warmth and a stylish layer.

The Silver Fashonista
Dog Sweater

The sleeve of a men's turtleneck can be easily transformed into a sweater for your puppy. Making a star patch from denim adds a unique detail.


The golden butterflies add a classic elegance to this peplum blouse.


This princess-perfect skirt was made using material from two old dresses


A dress can be deconstructed into a shrug and matching skirt for summer.


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