A Letter From The Frontline:

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

(You Are Heroes)

By Vicky Boateng

Trauma ICU Registered Nurse, Toronto, Ontario

IG: @vicboat

Image by Hush Naidoo

This letter was originally published on the Never Alone Blog, and they have generously shared it with us at Inspire Magazine.  "Never Alone" is the amazing platform, community and brand created by Paul Marlow, you can follow him on Instagram @tallpaulslife. If you haven't checked out the blog yet, take a look! They also have some really cool merch,in case you're still holiday shopping...

The alarm goes off at 0600, I reach over to shut it off.

I take a deep breath in and wipe the sleep from my eyes, my arm reaches for my phone to look at Instagram.

wait you promised you would do a gratitude list in the morning.”

I mean you got to wake up today, you know at first hand not everyone gets to wake up to see another day


Remember you are a HERO

Thank you for the air in my lungs

Thank you for the movement in my body.


Thank you for the roof over my head.


Remember you are a HERO

Feet are planted on the ground, inhale, exhale repeat. You got this girl another day to share your light, love and soul to help people. I should be proud, happy they call you a HERO!


Well, wrong I feel anxious, angry, confused, and isolated. I haven’t had physical touch in a long time because people think I will give them COVID….I am on the verge of tears, I feel very overwhelmed.
 So you are saying I am a HERO when I am in the hospital, but who checks on the HEROES when they aren’t at the hospital..."

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