By Dr. Ian Dawe

Dr. Ian Dawe is the Program Chief & Medical Director, Mental Health-Trillium Health Partners & Associate Professor of Psychiatry University of Toronto


Having a Life worth living is all about Meaning and Purpose. 

When we have purpose in our lives, we have a reason for living. Reasons for living give us
resilience in the face of challenges, because they provide us with a broader view of our lives. Meaning is created by an attitude towards living. Like purpose, meaning reminds us that our lives are worth living, no matter what, because life isn’t just about the day-to-day routines we create for ourselves, but something deeper. We find meaning in our purpose, and that gives us motivation to thrive regardless of what our circumstances may be at the moment. Meaning reminds us that “my life is important because I have purpose that motivates my actions.”  

There may well be constraints on what our life looks like right now…. that’s OK; we can and should accept that. BUT do not let there ever be a constraint on whether your life is worth living. It
absolutely is and everyone can support one another in that message.

Image by Colton Sturgeon