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Thank you to Cameco for sponsoring the first four episodes of the 'Life Outside the Box' podcast through their Step up for Mental Health initiative. 

Honest conversations
about mental health.

Life Outside the Box is a new youth mental health podcast that takes a deeper dive into the issues that affect youth–from a youth perspective.


What do you want to talk about? On this podcast, no topic is off limits! Hosted by mental health advocates Asante Haughton and Abby Kernya, Life Outside the Box is a series of interviews with young people from all walks of life: from students and athletes, to artists and activists. Asante, Abby and guests explore every topic with wit, grace and remarkable insight.

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Do you have a guest suggestion or want to be guest on our podcast?

Please send an e-mail with the subject line 'Guest Podcast Submission' to
Include: name, contact, relevant links, a 150-word description of why we need to talk to them


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In our first episode, we have a conversation with Western University student Helena Nikitopoulos about student mental health during the pandemic, coping with the anxiety of being back at school, and what really matters in life.


Listen on Spotify or view Episode 1 on our YouTube Channel



In our third episode, the co-hosts have a conversation with University student and mental health advocate, Partice Cammarano, for a discussion on eating disorders, diet culture and more. 

RELEASE DATE: Monday, January 3rd, 2022



In this episode, Asante and Abby sit down with elite athlete and mental health advocate Mikaela Brewer for a candid and honest conversation about youth mental health, including the unique challenges that young athletes face.   

RELEASE DATE: Monday, December 6th, 2021

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We rely on the generosity of our donors/sponsors to continue releasing episodes of 'Life Outside the Box'. Please e-mail to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.


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"Change needs to happen in our heads before it can happen anywhere else.
The first step is simply believing, truly believing, that change is possible."

- Asante Haughton

Asante Haughton has emerged as a leader in mental health. A veteran of the speaker circuit, Asante has presented across the globe, including doing TEDx talks telling stories detailing how family trauma impact mental health. Through his work, Asante was also named as a CAMH 150 Difference Maker, being awarded the distinction of being one of the top 150 difference makers in Canadian mental health. 


Having firmly entrenched himself in the mental health space at large, Asante is now devoting his time, energy and focus to the intersections of race and mental health, seeking to amplify the myriad experiences of Blackness across the diaspora in order to shed light on the ways in which being Black in a world that seeks to diminish Blackness impacts the mental health of Black people. Asante believes in confronting current and historical truths about our world and the human condition, however uncomfortable those truths may be, in order to move toward healing.


When not trying to save the world, Asante can be found laughing at his own jokes, Netflix'ing, checking his fantasy football stats, watching cartoons, and being frustrated with Toronto sports teams (except the Toronto Raptors!). Though Asante can be pretty laid back, he is loud about his advocacy and drive for change as he aims to deliver a message of social awareness, justice, community betterment, and above all, hope.

"The lessons and experiences we gained as a species through so many historical events in the past months have shaped us into new, more resilient humans. [...] It matters now more than ever that we come together in support, and use our voice during times of need."

- Abby Kernya

Abbigale Kernya is a first-year English student at Trent University in Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about all things books, writing, and youth mental health. As the Youth Editor for KBI Inspire Magazine, Abby writes a wide variety of book reviews, recommendations, and feature stories.  


Abby is also an accomplished musician; she has been playing guitar for over 6 years and currently plays in a four piece band called HERA. Her all-time favourite albums are Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars by David Bowie, Fine Line by Harry Styles, Meddle by Pink Floyd, and Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

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