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By Haruki Murakami (1997), translated by Jay Rubin

Genre: Novel, Science Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Fantastique

Recommended Age:  16+ readers

Rating Scale

Educational value: ​​ 3/5

Positive message: ​2/5

Positive role models: ​2/5

Violence: ​4/5

Sex: 4/5


Drinking, drugs, smoking:​3/5

Consumerism:​ 1/5

"You’re such a supernormal guy, but you do such unnormal things.” 

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami takes place in a lonely Tokyo suburb where the life of Toru Okada begins to mold into a never ending mystery. One full of half finished stories, a doomed marriage, and the long lost history of Japan's buried campaign during World War II. Toru Okada is an exceedingly average man, who lives a superficial borrowed life he was never meant to have. The tale of a man looking for his cat - and then his wife, uncovers secrets hidden at the bottom of a dried up well, and the cry of a wind-up bird. 

After the disappearance of his cat Noboru Wataya, Toru descends down a ruthless path of unconventional women, and a well where time does not exist. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle tells a story of love and indifference that will capture the minds of readers from start to finish. Between the shocking mind of the brazen May Kashahara, the unfinished story of the Kano sisters, and the unusual help from a mother and son whose first names are a mystery, Haruki Murakami delivers a masterpiece in which the fine line between reality and fantasy is blurred.

Toru finds himself torn between seeking the truth, and understanding the past. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is an unexpected detective story like no other. A story where a pair of physic sisters have the best chance at finding Toru’s missing wife, while simultaneously raising more questions than answers. Haruki Murakami never fails to deliver mind captivating stories that feel more alive than the reality around you. If you are looking for an adventure that tests the boundaries of love and self discovery, then I highly recommend The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

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