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Welcome to Poet's Corner! This is a section dedicated to showcasing the work of talented young poets, and occasionally, talented old poets!  

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My Body is a Whale

by Helena Nikitopoulos@wordsbyhelena

And it calls out for love

It calls out to heal

It calls out for her loved ones

And ancestors

To give her wisdom

And strength to be whole again

It calls out for

an end to the pain

that swallows her whole

The worst part

by Helena Nikitopoulos | @wordsbyhelena

The worst part wasn't that she was lying there

Bleeding out


With tears in her skin

It was that you sat there, 


Your lips curved into a sultry smile.

Your eyes glazed over

That. That was the worst part.


by Abbigail L.M

wrongdoing must be weaved

throughout my fingertips;

engrained into the hand

i am fearful to call my own.

misery follows my touch,

and misery is followed by tears.

hasty hands wipe them away,

only tainting my skin further.

my unfortunate fingertips,

stained purple with the cold

soon, black with the guilt -

stalking me mistake after mistake.

my bed lies hungry,

a predator ready to 

unravel the only future

the prey can have.

dreadful tomorrow comes

faster than i can recover

from dreadful today.

not even stars in the world

by Kristina Nikitopoulos

i wish for a world where people get what they deserve

But I believe everyone deserves happiness


even the boy who called me fat,


even the girl who whispers behind my back,


even the people who make me feel like i am not worthy.


these people deserve happiness

they deserve it especially,

because anyone who destructs others

must need to be held more than most


i wish for a world where forgiveness is easy

And kindness is easier


i wish for a star 

that holds us close

for a star isn’t enough

because they deserve the galaxy


My True Love is Me

By Helena Nikitopoulos @wordsbyhelena

I sit in a field of daisies

because all my favourite dandelions

flew away


as I cry out to my distant lovers

I am silenced

by the white-yellow flowers

melting on my tongue


as I stand up, fighting the urge to cry

at the intensity of the sun’s eye,

I settle back down into the grassy field

As stems of daisies caress me,


You are exactly where you need to be

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