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Welcome to Poet's Corner!  This is a section dedicated to showcasing the work of talented young poets, and occasionally, talented old poets!  

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My Companion

By Helena Nikitopoulos



I used to think that a prison cell was my safe haven, 


For it wasn’t anyone else but you who I kept craving.


Trapped in thin metal bars


Which only worsened my own mental scars 


Your toxicity bit me like the cold evening night 


Bites a woman whose naked skin shivers in fright 


I felt your black heart dim next to mine 


I should have seen that as a sign… 

But I clung to those metal bars, for I was too afraid to be







Unable to see my potential when my head was full of scars, 


Scars you inflicted as we sat behind those bars.


Who are you to tell me who I can or can’t be? 


After all, I escaped but you’re still the same each week. 


I longed for the scars, the bruises, and the pain


So that I didn’t have to stand alone in the rain. 


I longed for a companion


But that wasn’t you 


For I found my companion, 


You might be asking, who?


But you’re failing to see, that this companion I so speak 


Of does not go by another name 

Does not blame 

Does not make it their aim 


To confuse 


To abuse 


My mind 


They are there for me in time 

Day in and day out 


I never doubt 


Their commitment, their love 


As they aspire to be 


All they can be 


Can’t you see? 

That companion is me. 


My Companion is a poem about toxicity in relationships and the impact it has on one’s mental health. The protagonist in my poem battles with depression and mental health struggles due to an unhealthy relationship however, by the end of the poem, it is clear that no matter the struggles – she comes out stronger at the end. Her “companion” is in other words, herself as we are our biggest supporters and our own superheroes. My poem aims to reveal how us women are independent, and strong, and that no matter the obstacles we face – we can overcome them.