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"Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you." 

- Maya Angelou

Join us for a live podcast event about navigating the cost of living crisis and how to focus on financial resilience.

Join us in Toronto for our second annual live event and podcast recording that focuses on helping young Canadians navigate the current economy and build financial resilience.


Young people entering adulthood are facing unique and complex challenges that intersect with their mental health, and our panel and co-hosts Asante Haughton and Abbigale Kernya will take a deep dive into the issues.

Our 'pre-podcast' party event will feature music, giveaways, amazing food by our caterer Aangen, socializing, interactive stations, and our special guest financial therapist Aseel El-Baba

Have a question for our panel or guest speaker? We want to provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about budgeting, saving, or financial stress and anxiety. All questions are anonymous, click here to send now, and don't forget to c
heck out our event resources page for more info. 


WHAT: Live podcast and party event

WHEN: Thursday, May 30th, 2024. Doors open 6:15 pm

WHERE: 918 Bathurst, Toronto

TICKETS:  FREE tickets for students, youth and young adults.

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Do you want to support our youth mental health event? We have limited sponsorship and partnership opportunities available. If you're interested in being a part of this flagship event, e-mail Gillian Smith-Clark at


Asante Haughton
Asante Haughton has emerged as a leader in mental health. A veteran of the speaker circuit, Asante has presented across the globe, including doing TEDx talks telling stories detailing how family trauma impact mental health.


Abbigale Kernya
Abbigale Kernya is an English student at Trent University in Ontario and is passionate about all things books, writing, and youth mental health. As the Youth Editor for KBI Inspire Magazine, Abby writes a wide variety of book reviews, recommendations, and feature stories.



Kritika Sharda 

Kritika Sharda is a current Health Sciences student at McMaster University with a keen focus on supporting youth through education and mental health advocacy. As a proud Program Facilitator with Unsinkable Youth, Kritika champions mental health awareness, leveraging her role to empower and educate.


Natalie Chattargoon ‘Rare’

Natalie Chattargoon better known as ‘Rare’ is a multifaceted Toronto born and raised creative, passionate in community building, creative writing and photography. In the start of her career, she became a self-taught 5x published photographer with work showcased around the GTA. Her art is featured on the Globe & Mail website, In the TTC & Pearson Airport in 2023. Rare faced many challenges throughout her journey that motivated her to strive for a better life. She believes in the concept of planting a seed & watering it daily. Her work focuses on spotlighting key social issues and expresses it through her many projects. Rare’s World is a platform where she hopes to help others look deeper into the mind, body and soul to find their ultimate purpose. Rare has a passion for working in marginalized communities to break down stigmas. She is truly a one of a kind, so divine and a hard to find individual.


Barira Manzoor

Barira Manzoor is a current high school senior based in Toronto embarking on a path to study Social Sciences. With a deep passion for bringing awareness to youth mental health, she is a program facilitator at Unsinkable Youth. Barira is an advocate for promoting awareness on mental health and other struggles facing youth today and hopes to bring considerable recognition and action on these issues.



Aseel El-Baba 

Aseel is a former award-winning Financial Planner, the first Financial Therapist in Toronto, and a Trauma of Money Method Practitioner. She is on a mission to fill the gaps in our financial services industry by helping her clients with their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs around money. Her practice offers an opportunity for economic healing and financial empowerment. 


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2023 EVENT

‘Mapping Futures’ 2023 brought young people from diverse backgrounds together for a live podcast event that included youth artists, poets, singers, and other creatives to reflect on managing anxiety about the future. A pre-event workshop with Hailey Hechtman, Taking a Strength-Based Approach to Mapping Your Future, ran from 5pm -6pm at the same location. 

Listen to the "Mapping Futures" podcast episode on Spotify or watch it on our website here.


Arissa Roy 

Arissa is a Canadian High school student, a youth activist, author and the founder of Project Power Global which advocates for equitable access to education

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Dancia Susilo

Dancia Susilo has always been a humanitarian and started to focus on mental health at age 11, when she gave her first speech on “Suicide and Depression” and “Eating Disorders.”  She has released two books, a short film, and multiple songs about mental illnesses, and became the executive director of The Missing Link Project, a youth nonprofit focusing on mental health.

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Matthew Dawkins

Matthew Dawkins is a Jamaican award-winning author and poet whose work explores subject matters including adolescence, race, nationhood, and mental health. “Until We Break” is his debut novel.

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Tosan Tosanwumi
Tosan is the Founder of The Latibule, a platform created to amplify the voices of young women expressing themselves, and the co-host of Peas in a podcast, which has everyday conversations about adulthood, community & wellness.

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