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The Kaitlyn Bates Initiative is a non-profit organization based in Ontario that provides meaningful opportunities for youth by partnering with the local community.


The Kaitlyn Bates Initiative was inspired by the memory of Kaitlyn Bates, a young girl who always stood up for those in need and always let her actions be governed by her own convictions.

We are inspired by the courage, strength, resilience, and determination of young people in the face of adversity. 

We are inspired by the generosity and spirit of our community  in supporting and enabling groups and individuals in need.


We believe that young people deserve the opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential.

We believe in standing up for the rights of young people.

We believe in fostering positive values, self esteem, and confidence in young people.

We believe that external and internal influences that engrain self-doubt in young people, can–and must–be countered.​​




President: Doug Bates
Treasurer: Andrew Hall
Director: York Bell-Smith
Secretary: Robin Ferguson

Inspire Magazine 


The Tablet Program: An annual program provides tablets for children with special needs in Northumberland County. The Kaitlyn Bates Initiative purchases tablets pre-loaded with applications to help children with things such as communication and literacy


Past Sponsorships: Since it's inception KBI has contributed to many individuals and groups and will continue to do so.  For example, in 2016 KBI supported travel costs for Cobourg wrestler Jayden Sparks, 16, to get to Calgary to compete with Team Ontario at the national cadet wrestling championships.


Partner Organizations:  We work with, support and partner with many local organizations,  including: The Northumberland United Way, Northumberland YMCA, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Northumberland and many more.  

For more information you may contact KBI directly at:

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